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We provide complete training, guidance and consultancy for the recovery of precious metals i.e. gold, silver, platinum and palladium from all kinds of electronic scrap (like computer mother boards, different kinds of processors, RAMs, hard drives, cellphones,and all other devices in which these precious metals are used).

We will also guide you to recover base metals like copper, brass (an alloy), aluminium, tin etc. through different and easy methods.

E-waste (electronic waste) recycling has come up as a huge and rapidly growing industry all over the world. If you search on the internet, you will find a lot of people wanting e-waste. Many people world wide are keen to start this electronic waste recycling business. A great number of people search the web to find the right methods of recoverying gold, silver and other precious metals.

We have the specialization in this field. We train the people to recover gold, silver, palladium, copper, tin etc. from all kinds of electronic waste.

Our methods are eco-friendly and recovery cost is very low.

We welcome to those individuals and companies to learn, who want to start this business but have been facing the follwing problems :
Do not know the recovery methods.
Know the recovery methods but do not have the practical knowledge of recovery.
Do not know which method should be applied on different types of electronic waste.
Do not know how much gold, silver and other metals can be recovered from different kinds of electronic waste like computer motherboards, CPUs, RAMs, cellphones etc.
Have not succeeded in finding the methods of recovery after wasting a lot of time.
Tried aqua regia, cyanide process, electrolysis, nitric process and many other methods but did not get the result.
Have wasted a lot of money but have not got the right methods of recovery/ extraction.
Tried cyanide process but unable to get gold from cyanide solution.
Used aqua regia method and gold was dissolved in AR but gold didn’t precipitate from it.
Don’t need to worry my friends. We are here to help you. Having any difficulty, you may contact us. We will solve it, and you will surely be able to make money from this business. We will guide you step-by-step to recover gold and all other precious and base metals from any kind of electronic waste.

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