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Aqua Regia Process

Generally aqua regia process is used to recover gold from computer CPUs. The reason of not using cyanide process on CPUs is that CPUs have very thick plating and gold wires in it, and that’s why cyanide process takes too much time to remove gold from CPUs.

And nitric process cannot be used for CPUs because there are no base metals present inside the CPUs but gold wires are present in the CPUs, so if we use nitric process, we cannot recover complete gold from it. We will have to use other methods also to remove gold from it completely.
Aqua regia process can be used to separate gold from othe metals also. If we have gold mixed with other metals, we can separate it by using AR process on it.

To get 24K gold, finally we can use aqua regia process.

We can use AR to recover gold from gold plated fingers and pins. But this will not be the best method for it.

If the gold is dissolved in the aqua regia solution, the colour of the solution will be yellowish. But if copper or nickel etc. metals are present in the solution, it looks green.

Base metals can also be recovered easily from the aqua regia solution after precipitating gold.
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